Collection: Dan Armstrong Ampeg Plexi Pickups

Step into the realm of guitar history with our tribute to our very own legend Dan Armstrong and his iconic Plexi guitars. Our Dan Armstrong Plexi replacement pickups pay homage to a pioneer whose innovations have left an indelible mark on the guitar industry.

Dan Armstrong's legacy stretches far and wide, marked by his groundbreaking designs and fearless experimentation. His pioneering use of plexiglass for guitar bodies not only pushed the boundaries of guitar aesthetics but also revolutionized the way musicians thought about tone and construction. The transparent bodies of his guitars allowed players to see the inner workings of their instruments, sparking curiosity and inspiring countless imitations.

In addition to his pioneering guitar designs, Dan Armstrong's contributions to pickup technology are equally significant. His Plexi pickups, known for their clarity, articulation, and versatility, remain sought after by discerning guitarists seeking to capture the essence of vintage tone with a modern twist.

Dan Armstrong's legacy lives on through his son and grandson, Kent and Aaron Armstrong, who continue to uphold his tradition of innovation and excellence. Our Dan Armstrong Plexi replacement pickups embody the spirit of their forebear's work, meticulously designed and engineered to deliver the distinctive tone and responsiveness associated with his pickups.