Collection: Kent Armstrong Icon Series Guitar Pickups

The Icon series is a new range of pickups that faithfully recreate the designs of some classic vintage humbuckers and singlecoils. Complete with correct 42 gauge Formvar wire and alnico II and III magnet choices, these are the pickups that will help recreate the classic and sought-after tones of the 50's and 60's.

Stronger magnets create a hotter signal and the type of magnet also affects tone. Original Gibson PAF's are one of the most sought after sounds and most people attribute their trademark tone to the Alnico magnets that were used. For this reason, Alnico II and III is often used in “vintage” replacement pickups, as they're thought to produce a vintage sound. Also common is Alnico V, which is slightly stronger, and produces a brighter, “punchier” tone. Ceramic magnets are stronger still and are commonly used in more modern, rock-oriented pickups.