Collection: Kent Armstrong Jazz Guitar Pickups

Embark on a journey of sonic refinement with our meticulously curated selection of Jazz Guitar replacement pickups. Our lineup features the esteemed off-the-shelf range, renowned for its exceptional quality and unmatched performance. Each pickup is meticulously crafted to deliver the smooth, articulate tones that define the jazz genre, ensuring reliability and versatility that meet the highest standards of discerning musicians.

In addition to our acclaimed off-the-shelf offerings, we proudly present handmade pickups crafted by the legendary Kent Armstrong ("Kent Armstrong Handmade USA"). These artisanal creations embody the essence of jazz, offering a nuanced and sophisticated sonic palette that resonates with warmth and clarity.

Furthermore, Kent Armstrong's craftsmanship extends beyond individual pickups; he collaborates with renowned Jazz Guitar luthiers such as Monteleone Guitars, handcrafting pickups specifically tailored to their high-end instruments. This dedication to excellence and attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the jazz guitar's tone is finely tuned and perfected.