Collection: Kent Armstrong Bass Pickups

Embark on a journey of sonic excellence with our meticulously curated selection of bass pickups. Our lineup features the acclaimed off-the-shelf range, revered for its superior quality and unparalleled performance. Each pickup is expertly crafted to deliver the deep, powerful tones that define the bass, ensuring reliability and versatility that meet the demanding standards of discerning bassists.

In addition to our esteemed off-the-shelf offerings, we proudly present handmade pickups crafted by the legendary Kent Armstrong ("Kent Armstrong Handmade USA"). These artisanal creations represent the pinnacle of bass pickup craftsmanship, delivering a rich, full-bodied sound with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Whether you're seeking the thunderous punch of traditional bass tones or the innovative versatility of custom-crafted creations, our bass replacement pickups offer an inspiring range of options to suit every player's style and preferences. Experience the difference and take your bass sound to new heights of sonic excellence with our bass replacements.