Collection: Kent Armstrong 7 String Guitar Pickups

Discover a new realm of sonic possibilities with our meticulously curated selection of 7-string replacement pickups. Our lineup showcases an exceptional range of off-the-shelf pickups, crafted to meet the demands of modern guitarists seeking extended range and enhanced tonal versatility.

Each pickup in our collection is engineered to deliver pristine clarity, robust lows, and articulate highs across all seven strings, ensuring maximum fidelity and expression in every performance. With a focus on premium quality and uncompromising performance, our 7-string replacement pickups are designed to elevate your playing experience to new heights.

Whether you're delving into the depths of djent, exploring progressive metal landscapes, or pushing the boundaries of jazz fusion, our high-quality off-the-shelf pickups offer the perfect blend of precision engineering and musicality to suit your unique style.